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“Walking into StudioVerne is like strolling onto the beach, with an assortment of blues, greens and violets hitting you as soon as you move through its doors.”
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Recto-Verso Shells : New England Series

Seashells Recto-Versa Progress

This is the beginning of a series of ‘Recto-Verso’ Shells. ‘Recto-Verso’ is a term that refers to text written on the front and back sides of a leaf of paper. This series has been fired so that both sides of the fused glass piece exhibit the natural beauty in shells.

The New England Series replicates the subtlety in color change and muted tones from our local shores. I also have in mind the fit and feel of them as they sit perfectly in your hand. They function well as small dishes.

This NEW work can be purchased in Verne’s Studio gallery or at other locations listed on the Gallery page.
Recto-Versa Seashells1

  • Verne Orlosk shares her unique understanding of fused glass and passion for the process, creating ethereal and colorful fused glass works.–Alexandra Pecci, Art New England - Contemporary Art and Culture

  • Verne's intricate work (layers and layers) in fused glass is museum quality, highly sought after and distinctive.–Lisa Brown, New Hampshire Magazine