Verne Orlosk

Projects shown below are representative of commissioned work,
community support and custom design.

As original gifts or custom keepsakes, fused glass can be displayed as a framed piece, a work of art in a sturdy stand, hung in a window or as functional dishware.

Feel free to contact Verne with ideas:
(603) 490-4321 or email:

Commorative Gifts or Awards

Jacqueline R Verville, CSC – Community Service Award 2017 (left)

10 individual awards for Community Service to be given in perpetuity (right)

Themed Series

Verne created this series of Broadway-themed pieces as part of an event supporting the arts and Manchester’s historic Palace Theatre. These images are a selection from the series on display at StudioVerne and available for purchase.
All pieces are approximately 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″. Priced at $125.

Playbill Les Miserable    Playbill - Wicked    Playbill • Godspell

Playbill • South Pacific    Playbill • Phantom of the Opera    Playbill • Lion King

Community & Fundraising

Verne created this “Stella Star of the Sea” table design for the 2015 CHAD Storybook Ball. Verne’s design brings the intrigue and wonder of children at the water’s edge.

Stella_Studioverne Cover  StryBkBll-Studioverne 48  StryBkBll-Studioverne 47  StryBkBll-Studioverne 83

StryBkBll-Studioverne 95  StryBkBll-Studioverne 51

StryBkBll-Studioverne 46  StryBkBll-Studioverne 96

Custom “Sea Bass” Platter

A 17″ commissioned design as a functional work

Glass Tacos created for “Taco Tour”

A 5″ piece was matted and framed by Creative Framing Solutions and raffled off as first prize to benefit Bedford Bobcats Special Olympics Team.

Fused Glass Tacos Prefired tacos Taco and Candy Taco in my hand Taco Touch
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50th Birthday Gift
7″ x 21″ Custom Platter