Verne Orlosk - Fused Glass Artist

Verne Orlosk - Fused Glass Artist

Verne Orlosk is a Fused Glass Artist with her working-studio (studioverne) located at 81 Hanover Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. The studio and gallery are open to the public. Verne’s work is available for purchase at her studio in Manchester.

” I dislike the restrictive “ifs” when designing for a kiln process, but relish in the “what ifs” in pushing the vision forward. Fused glass has many challenging physical restrictions, but it has qualities similar to the seasonal cycles and organic changes that happen in nature. Finding a process and medium to share that vision, results in the permanence of glass art.”


The combination of translucent light direction and the elegance of falling leaves. Glass on glass and a deeper shadow box, allow light to pass through and reveal some surprising effects. I intend for the viewer to experience an empowering moment of beauty in these leaves and then be able to feel the grace of autumn.

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