Verne Orlosk - Fused Glass Artist

Verne Orlosk, Fused Glass Artist

Verne Orlosk is a Fused Glass Artist with her gallery and working-studio located in Manchester, New Hampshire at 412 Chestnut Street, just around the corner from the Palace Theatre.

You are Invited to
'Nurturing Biodiversity'
Exhibition of five women artists
with five different medium
encouraging a closer view
of New England ecosystems.

The show runs now – through
Saturday, June 10th (10am-2pm)

        • Susanne Larkham ‘Someone To Swash Over Me’ – Pastel
        • Elaine Farmer ‘Birchwood’ – Wool Felt Fiber
        • Fascia Berlin ‘Her Substrate’ – Pen and Ink
        • Verne Orlosk ‘Core Wisdom’ – Fused Glass
        • Grace Burr ‘Found: Driftwood Three’ – Acrylic/Mixed Media
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