Verne Orlosk, Fused Glass Artist

Artist Statement

I dislike the restrictive ifs when designing for a kiln process, but relish in the what ifs in pushing the vision forward. Fused glass has many challenging physical restrictions, but it has qualities similar to the seasonal cycles and organic changes that happen in nature. Finding a process and medium to share that vision, results in the permanence of glass art.

There’s something about the truth in nature that provides a comforting space to linger. A leaf is just one colorful bounty in one life cycle. The variations of light that appear through a fused glass piece create moments of contemplation as part of the viewer’s art experience.

My Process

I use glass powder – known as frit. My leaf series is exclusively glass powder. There is no base piece of glass. This process differs from the more familiar ‘powder wafer’ technique. I designed my process to decrease the weight of a finished piece of glass art, as well as to broaden the use of layering color in a more controlled painterly manner.

The controlled temperatures fuse the powder into a flat, solid glass piece averaging about 1/16” thick. A second ‘slump’ firing is done at a temperature 200 degrees lower. This is where I choose a mold to form tipped edges and shaping that creates movement in the leaves.