Verne's Gallery

Verne’s work is on display and for sale in her working studio/gallery – ‘Studioverne’.
The selected work shown below is a representation of the popular ‘Fall Footsteps’ leaf series, New – ‘Cheers to You’ for 2020 holiday and additional views of gallery display choices at 81 Hanover Street, Manchester, NH. Featured pieces are also on view for purchase at New Hampshire Made – Portsmouth, NH.

To inquire about a piece or to make a purchase, reference the work’s title and contact Verne by phone or email.

Fall Footsteps:
Select the ‘Fall Footsteps’
category below. These are the original designs made from glass powder (as seen on NH Chronicle). They are typically shadow boxed frames with glass in the back to capture all light. The sizes are 8×8″ 12×12″ and 15×15″. They are also available as stand-alone pieces with options for display.

Cheers to You:
Select the ‘Cheers to You’ category below. Gifts ideas ~ 5x5s are $45, 9x9s and 7x12s are just $85. A fun new series started in November 2020, they represent different drinks in a functional dish/art display piece, accenting color in glass. Designed as one of a kind pieces, they can be replicated or commissioned with your favorite choice of beverage.

Studio Display:
Select the ‘Studio Display’ category below. View some images from Verne’s studio (Studioverne) at 81 Hanover Street in Manchester, NH. They include a variety of other art and gifts. Contact me for additional information or visit privately during gallery hours.