Verne’s work is on display and for sale in her working studio/gallery – ‘Studioverne’ – 412 Chestnut Street, Manchester, NH. 

Preserving the grace of being still.

In the first of this series of Fused Glass Shells, I have chosen to explore the subtlety in color and muted tones that are familiar to the New England coastline. Each shell averages 10 colors of glass powders. The characteristic colors on a shell are not only indicative of its place of origin, but also of its growth patterns. The soft lines and bumps and curves are much like those visible signs of wisdom and age in the human ‘shell’.


It is also interesting to me that each shell has a ‘hand feel’. The sizes and shapes are created in a third firing, not necessarily to replicate the exact curve of the ‘real’ shell, but to simulate the satisfying feel of how it might rest in your hand.

This series of 8 works was created during April 2020 – COVID 19. The entry into thoughts of struggling to grow and finding the potential of ‘unearthed’ resources is viewed here through the focused glass ‘windows’. Nature requires reserves, such as seeds and nutrients, in order to perpetuate a life cycle. That brings hope, in its genetic evolution and the resilience of the human spirit to thrive.

These are the original designs made from glass powder (as seen on NH Chronicle). They are typically shadow boxed frames with glass in the back to capture all light. The sizes are 8×8″ 12×12″ and 15×15″. They are also available as stand-alone pieces with options for display. Commissions are always welcomed.

To inquire about a piece or to make a purchase, reference the work’s title and contact Verne by phone or email.