The Art of GIFTing Art

A truly local artist display and Holiday Shopping Event. Small works, gift boxed.

Thursday, December 1st – Saturday, December 31st – Gallery Hours

Annual Holiday Open House, Saturday, December 10th 4-7pm (additional special hours)

Hosted by:
Grace Burr, Creative Framing Solutions, 410 Chestnut St., Manchester, NH
Verne Orlosk, Studioverne, Fine Art Fused Glass, 412 Chestnut St., Manchester, NH


  • Local NH Artists
  • 2D or 3D that fits in a 5.5 x 8.5 x 1.5” or 6 x 9” Gift box to be purchased for $5. ea – by artist
    (This amount will be donated by Grace and Verne to a local charitable organization)
  • Maximum 2 boxes (unless otherwise discussed)
  • Price range for art – $20.-$100.

Artist Requirements:

  • Provide an image or actual artwork of art to be boxed. Collect a gift box from:
    Creative Framing Solutions, 410 Chestnut St
    Studioverne, Fine Art Fused Glass, 412 Chestnut St
    (during business hours or otherwise arranged)
  • Drop off completed artwork in purchased gift box, with business card to be placed in gift box. Provide title (if applicable) and sale price – no later than Wednesday, November 30th.
  • Feel free to follow CFS and SV ig and fb (found on our web sites) and share any info with your patrons.


  • CFS and SV will be responsible for all sales and will be done through the respective gallery. The artist will receive 80% of that sale by check the following week.
  • Labeling and ribbon will be added to the gift box by the respective gallery.
  • Any items not sold by December 31st will need to be picked up by the artist

If Questions, contact: or